More than just a Zipline at Skyline Jungle Luge

Luge Kart at Skyline

Luge, the world class ride, is popular in many countries. Originated in New Zealand, it is the ride driven with gravity. Normally, Luge’s speed is controlled by pulling a handle, but luges of Skyline Jungle Luge are specially designed with recognition of safety of players. We develop a new luge to be suitable with road spaces where this ride is played with 3 points of disk brake that players can stop it from the handle.

Luge Kart Skyline

The wheels are filled with air reinforced with special parts making it easy to steer and safe. We have other safety equipment and we have highly experienced team that can give instructions for players to play it safely. Each point has a staff to take care of you along the route.

Map Luge Kart

Our downhill luge karts are 2,100 meters long, giving you the ultimate in fun and excitement. and enjoy nature

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