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Skyline Jungle Luge Chiang Mai

If you visit Chiang Mai, you should not miss one of the most adventurous activities in fertile nature at Skyline Jungle Luge. You can enjoy Luge on the longest route in Thailand for about 2,100 meters in a forest conservation village, at Pa Pan Village, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province.

Round 1

Pick-Up : 08:00 – 08.30 AM

Drop-Off : 14:30 – 15.00 PM

Round 2

Pick-Up : 09:00 – 09.30 AM

Drop-Off : 15:30 – 16.00 PM

Round 3

Pick-Up : 11:00 – 11.30 AM

Drop-Off : 17:30 – 18.00 PM

Round 4

Pick-Up : 13:00 – 13.30 AM

Drop-Off : 18:30 – 19.00 PM


Zipline Adventure

Skyline Adventure is located in the heart of the jungle, Zipping through the treetops in the middle of the jungle delivers a rush that would leave even Tarzan breathless

In addition to exploring the real jungle from the zip lines, you’ll experience many other exciting activities such as: amazing treetop platforms, abseiling, sky bridges, spiral staircase, all with the best panoramic sea view. This tour provides endless excitement.

38 Platforms

21 Zipline included 5 longest Zipline (500m, 600m, 900m)

1 Abseil (15 m)

5 Sky-Bridges (longest one 50m)

6 Staircase


Jungle Luge

Luge, the world class ride, is popular in many countries. Originated in New Zealand, it is the ride driven with gravity. Normally, Luge’s speed is controlled by pulling a handle, but luges of Skyline Jungle Luge are specially designed with recognition of safety of players. We develop a new luge to be suitable with road spaces where this ride is played with 3 points of disk brake that players can stop it from the handle.

The wheels are filled with air reinforced with special parts making it easy to steer and safe. We have other safety equipment and we have highly experienced team that can give instructions for players to play it safely. Each point has a staff to take care of you along the route.

Longest Route 2,100 M

Take off to Adventure to Day with

Skyline Jungle Luge in Chiang Mai



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Let us be apart of your holiday! Imagine flying through the tree tops in the biggest rainforest in Chiangmai, exploring a panoramic view of the Chiangmai. As the longest and highest ziplin in Chiangmai, Thailand Skyline’s activities are designed by professional engineers, having years of experience with safety zipline activities. All gear is high quality and safe. Skyline Adventure offers a unique all ages experience into one of Thailand’s most beautiful rainforests. Our tours are designed with the environment in mind, as we believe in preserving its beauty for future generations.

Ziline Adventure

Jungle Luge

Giant Swing


Trained guides take you on the ride of your life on a course designed for maximum thrills and exposure to the best view in the biggest jungle of Chiang Mai. This ride has 28 lines, including the longest and highest zipline in Chiang Mai.